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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Joni Mitchell Gathered Light

In the 11 June 2013 edition of the Toronto Star Joni Mitchell says,
“Some people like to call me a confessional songwriter. … Yes, I often begin my songs on a personal level, but I hope they go on to a bigger truth that transcends my experience. I’m not saying, ‘Look at me look at me.’ It’s the exact opposite. I’m saying, ‘Look at you, look at you. Are we not human? Do we not share these things?’ ”  That is exactly what I was getting at in my article, “California: Against Autobiography” in the new book, Gathered Light: The Poetry of Joni Mitchell’s Songs. Edited by Lisa and John Sornberger

Lisa Belanger Sornberger4:04pm Jun 11
It is true, Edmond. I believe that our book will resonate with people on many levels... the fact that we all share the feelings Joni addresses so eloquently- that go "beyond autobiography", as you so aptly said. Our book is filled with the warmth of each personal response, which acknowledges the way each of us and so many more have been touched by her work. We've got a beautiful melding of the heart, mind, and spirit in our responses to her gifts. There are the personal responses that so many will identify with, the academic acknowledgement of her work as a poet...and freedom of opinion and conjecture, which we didn't micromanage. Too bad Gian's interview got truncated at the end when Joni started to speak about "Gathered Light"- I feel that if she'd talked about it more, she would've gone beyond those few words about the academic- I would like to hear her thoughts in the larger context. I feel strongly that the academic has its place here- as she herself acknowledges, her work as a poet has never fully been accepted (formally) in certain circles. I think our book manages to set the record straight, and does so with love and grace. It has its flaws, but it is full of insight and love, and good intent.