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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lee Archer's comments on my writing on The Dream Play

An excellent review. It makes me want to see the production and truly regret that I won't. At the same time it tells me why I ought to (and ought to want to see) see this production and gives me enough insight into this interpretation of A Dream Play that I come away with some sense of satisfaction.

Genius! I have for some time forsworned that appellation but am happy for you, if you are happy with it in this case. Anyway Therrien has done what you have to do with Strindberg which is go to the theatrical edge and take an imaginative leap of faith. Probably something like this is what must be done with O'Neill ripest works and many of the hoarier Greek and Roman dramas, something that lifts them from limbo of naturalism and realism into a more incantatory theatricality.
As it happens, I'm playing a soldier in The Trojan Women - there are no small parts, only small! actors - in attempt to get stuck in the theatre community here in Rome. One of the biggest problems I see (and I offer no opinion or insight to the young director) is the handling of the Chorus in a modern production. And the best answer to those problems probably includes dance, music, defiantly poetic rhetoric or the theatrical elaborations of a Therrien.


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