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Friday, June 29, 2012

Lisa C. Taylor at Julia de Burgos Park

Lisa C. Taylor at Julia de Burgos Park
28 June 2012
A wonderful outdoor poetry reading at Julia de Burgos Park by Lisa C. Taylor.  Among the pieces she read were poems from her books Insufficient Thanks and The Other Side of Longing.  Lisa C. Taylor is a poet who has found her voice and shares it with us, gently describing insights that were not easily acquired.  Her printed voice finds its complement in her spoken word voice that draws us in and keeps us focused on the content of her work.
At the event community activist, Juan Perez, was honored by a proclamation from Secretary of the State Denise Merrill, presented by Lourdes Montalvo who is a Commissioner for the Latino and Puerto Rican Affairs Commission. Another proclamation by Dr. Elsa Nunez, president of Eastern Connecticut State University, was presented by Ryan Rose.  Visual artist, Imna Arroyo created a visual and gustatory treat that was shared by all.  State Representative Susan Johnson also spoke about Juan Perez and the struggle to create Julia de Burgos Park.
Among the other poets reading were: Charlie Chase, John Stanizzi, Meghan McGuire Dahn, Rachel Shenyo, Yujike (Louis Diaz Cruz), and Marie Anzalone (of Marie Anzalone’s Writing Site on Facebook).
The warm summer evening was as much a performer as any of the poets and they made beautiful music together.