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Friday, February 01, 2013

Ed Koch Performs Mayor of New York

Zasuly, Gardner, Chibeau at Waldorf Astoria

Ed Koch had a direct no nonsense rhetorical style.  He sounded and felt like he was talking directly to you, not making a speech.  I remember interviewing the mayor and covering many town hall meetings and the floating town hall meetings in each borough with the Time Inc. MCTV crew.  He also blew a conch shell for us on the Spring Solstice event carried on PBS in 1987.  The solstice was produced by Charlie Morrow and featured Al Roker among many others.  The MCTV crew covering City culture and politics included Peter Zasuly, Keith Gardner, Dena Crane, and Mike Harlow.  This was shortly after Dena showed her video at MOMA but before Keith went to work for WNBC at 30 Rockefeller Center, and Peter started producing in Hollywood, and Mike won an Academy Award for his documentary on homeless people living in the West Side railroad tunnel.    Ed Koch was right for those times.  He performed the city he lived in.  He spoke the language of  the city that was his home.


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