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Monday, April 16, 2012

Edmond's comments on Lee's comments on Ina's review in Film Comment

the movie
I love your TwittyCent contribution to the discussion.
I love your distinction between truth and accuracy.  I am not sure I agree.  Metaphorically speaking that is correct but there is much of an assault on accuracy these days.  It is okay to lie and mislead as long as the larger issue is important and for the greater good.  (Whose greater good?)
I agree that both an action film and a drama of affirmation can be valid forms.

You say,
“Is an interesting question; though personal disappointment and valid critical evaluation are necessarily nullifying”

I don’t think personal disappointment and valid critical evaluation must be mutually exclusive or nullifying.  That is what I meant by the question of where you stand when you report back.  Even though there is no neutral place to stand, we can include the 
intellectual-critical location from which we are reporting back.  Objectivity is a quality of texts not of people.

Truth is indeed free, if hard earned.



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