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Monday, May 11, 2015

Boston Theatre Marathon Wows 'Em

Boston Theatre Marathon
9-10 May 2015
Boston Center for the Arts

Two days of great writing, great acting, inspired direction at Boston Theatre Marathon XVII. A veritable Greek orgy of great theatre produced by Huntington Theatre Company, Boston Center for the Art, SpeakEasy Stage Company and Company One and The Dramatists Guild of America, and others.  

Saturday, Sprinters were one minute plays.  There were 16 of them. Warm up laps were full-length readings, 3 were presented. 

On Sunday there were 50 plays presented by various companies.  Wow !

Kate Snodgrass, Artistic Director of the Boston Theatre Marathon managed to look cool, comfortable, and composed as she got theatre doors open and casts situated and audience in the seats. 

Things began on Saturday just before noon with a series of one-minute “sprints.” 

Hortense Gerardo’s To Have and to Hold is a dentist office comic nightmare that ends with a kiss.

Brandon M. Crose’s A Quick Meeting is a one-minute musical comedy.

Susan Buttrick’s Blind Sticking, brings out the anxiety we all feel when the phlebotomist draws blood.

Martha Patterson’s Harry is a monologue that is both human and humorous.

This writer manages to have the longest title (and the shortest play) of the day and is proud to have been presented in such talented company.  Impoverished Scholar Sitting by the Side of the Road Meditating on the Transience of All Things Physical.

The sprints were followed by the full length, Hair of the Dog, by Constance Congdon.  Congdon shows us that rhymed couplets and iambic pentameter can contribute to compelling theatre.  She has her poetry chops totally under control.  Don’t try this at home kids.  She is a master of her craft. 

The Boston Theatre Marathon is a glory to behold.  Catch it next year.

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