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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Windsor Art Center Puppets

The World of Puppetry
Curator: Anne Cubberly
The Windsor Art Center
Windsor CT
16 March – 27 April 2013

Puppets and puppet art took center stage at the Windsor Art Center tonight and will hold that stage until the end of April.  The walls and ceiling of the space are covered with elements showing the history and current status of the world of puppets. 
As well as the exhibit of puppets in the main gallery there is a video in the video gallery, a table for building puppets in the workspace, and, in the side room, there are some examples of puppets made in schools.

The exhibition works on a multiplicity of levels.
There are performing objects.  Shadow puppets, Marionettes, Indonesian puppets, hand and rod puppets, examples of puppets from history and puppets that were made in the past few days.  
Curator Anne Cubberly brought together talented people and fascinating objects to create a compelling and informative show.  There are works by Frank Ballard, founder of the puppetry program at UCONN, Bart Roccoberton, current director of the Puppet Arts program at UCONN Paul Spirito, Sarah Beth Parks, and Cubberly herself.

The sophistication of conception and amount of detail in the execution of these works is a testament to the fact that puppetry is a high art that brings together threads from the visual, graphic, and performing arts.

The Windsor art Center is peculiar in that the members of the board, and the attendees at the show, seem to be more open to, and more responsive to, artwork than one usually 
discovers at an opening.  Their approach to art is knowledgeable and sophisticated without being precious or fussy.  The Windsor Art Center is a good place to see an artist's work. 

Associated with the exhibit is a series of lectures, performances, and workshops.  The dates and times can be found on the Windsor Art Center’s Facebook page or webpage.


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